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Clothes Donation for Migrated Labors

May 1, 2012 in Our visits, Our Work by pankhudibangalore

This blog is written by Nethra L H.

We organized a cloth donation program on 19th February. The clothes were distributed to migrated labors staying near Kothnur dinne, Jp Nagar .There were about 50 sheds housing approximately 200 to 250 people.

Photo courtesy: Mohan Rajendra

Mohan Rajendra came up with this idea when he got about 80-100 winter jackets from his office. This act made all volunteers to come forward in collecting tons of clothes from their friends and relatives.

These clothes were then segregated according to gender and age, packed and distributed by the volunteers with loads of excitement.


Photo courtesy: Mohan Rajendra

Other than clothes, the donation involved cushions, pillows and bags. A prior visit was made to the camp before to know the necessity of clothes. Once the requirements were identified, all the clothes were brought on to the place.

Photo courtesy: Nethra LH

The need for clothes was clearly visible on each of the person’s faces as they patiently awaited their turn for us to approach them. After seeing the number of people in individual houses, the clothes were distributed and in particular sweaters, warm wear clothes, pillows and cushions were given to the aged people.

Volunteers distributing Clothes
Photo courtesy: Mohan Rajendra

All the effort and hard work put into the donation was well worth seeing their smiling faces .They let all volunteers know that their hard work and diligence was truly appreciated and that all of us will always be in their prayers.