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EnAble India Workshop to help us reach out to the visually impaired in a better way

September 28, 2010 in Planned Visit by pankhudibangalore

Enable India Training

Enable India Training

EnAble India is an organization involved in empowering people with disabilities, to rehabilitate them and help them be self dependent by providing employment assistance. Pankhudians at Bangalore recently got an opportunity to get a good guidance from Enable India on how to interact with and train the visually impaired. The presentation was given by Ms. Nandhini, Ms. Shantala and Mr. Santosh each of whom seem to be deeply committed and passionate about the cause for which they are working.

The presentation started off with Nandhini explaining us about the various technical terminologies related to the visually impaired and that it’s a myth that people with disabilities have any ‘sixth sense’. We were told about the behavioral aspects of the visually impaired and how to deal with them. Like for example – small children have various habits like poking their eyes, head banging, making shrill noises etc which can be a faux pas socially. In this case, the children should be advised not to do so or divert their habits to something socially acceptable.

Children with disability undergo mental trauma and generally have a low social interaction and to help them overcome this, we need to know a bit about their life history. It helps if we know their names and call them accordingly thus building a better rapport with them.  We always need to have high expectations from them and let them be self dependent as much as possible. Since they are devoid of the visual learning, which makes about 80% of the total learning for the sighted people, they have to depend on the remaining senses. So, they should be taught with a feel and touch method. For example, you can get a live cat and make them feel it. Then you can explain how to imagine a lion – which is a bigger cat. A toy of the lion shape may not work here, because that will make them imagine a wrong picture of a lion. This point was well driven to us by actually making us play a small blind-fold game!

Computer learning is important for the visually impaired because it is the easiest source of information it makes them independent. It is again a myth that these people cannot compete with the sighted ones in the fields such as IT developer, System Administrators, Data Entry operators etc. The feedback from the industry says that these people, with their extra hard work, can even outperform their sighted colleagues. Also they seem to be loyal to their employer because they consider a job opportunity to be important and cannot hop jobs frequently.

At Enable India, Bangalore

Tactile for Start menu

In order to make the training sessions to the children at SRMAB more effective, fun and interesting, EnAble India provided us with a new curriculum. As a cherry in the ice-cream, they will also send trainers to SRMAB to help Pankhudi volunteers teach the students in a proper way catering to the needs of the children.

We are thankful to Enable India for having extended this helping hand and thus providing us with valuable insight in training children with visual impairment.

It started with …

September 17, 2010 in Uncategorized by pankhudibangalore

Shardha at SRMAB Alumni Meeting

Shardha at SRMAB Alumni Meeting

I know Sharadha for 3.5 years. Even a new person at SRMAB must be knowing Sharadha. Every time a person sought for some help in computer, he ran away to meet Sharadha. She is visually impaired and a master mind in her work including Computers, taking care of kids and many more. Often I seek help from her in understanding the working of JAWS.She is a great inspiration for the coming batches at SRMAB.

Regarding our work, we share knowledge of Computers at SRMAB, JP Nagar where kids from class 5th to 10th interact with us on every Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM [If you want to join for this cause, drop a mail at amanprakash.nayak@gmail.com ]

Recently Sharadha got selected in Wipro with her technical knowledge in the computer domain + HR Capabilities.

Not only her, Computer is a boon for Visually impaired kids. This is one of those fields where they can work same as a normal person can. Some examples reside in our computer class of SRMAB. There are few students who will warn you not to help them much while they are working on Computer. Pankhudi tries to enforce a course which help them in growing in this field and down the line, it will help them to get a good future in this line. Many congratulations to Sharadha and an inspiration for the Gen-Y.

The Pankhudi Sahayata campaign for Leh cloudburst victims conducted successfully in Bangalore chapter

September 15, 2010 in ~Pankhudi Sahayata by pankhudibangalore

All was hunky dory in the scenic valley of Leh until the 6th of August 2010, when a sudden cloudburst triggered flash floods which was ensued by death and destruction. Massive rescue operations were successfully carried out by army and state police. But there was still a concern about food and clothes security as supplies could be hindered because of road closures in upcoming winter.  In order to reach out to the ailing people as soon as possible, NGOs GOONJ and Pankhudi joined hands and conducted the Sahayata collection drive from 28th August to 10th September.

For the Bangalore region, Anuj and Chhavi opted to coordinate the collection drive. Dhawal ran a campaign in two companies – one his workplace Maxim Integrated products and JDA, on whose campus Maxim is located. Folks from both the companies donated lots of material in the cartons placed just outside the common mess area. On the HR manager’s suggestion, the cartons were categorized into five different labels- women’s clothes, men’s, children’s, woolen and stationary and games.  A week after it began, the cartons were overflowing and it was becoming difficult to accommodate the incoming material.  Some of the colleagues also donated money. The monetary contribution amounted to Rs. 9 thousand including Rohan’s, who is a member of Pankhudi. Anuj organized a campaign with help of rotary club in society comprising 10 apartments. With help of posters and group e-mailing, residents became aware of the campaign and donated their old clothes and other stuff.  She also ran a campaign in her office Informatica Business Solutions and got around 50 thousand Rupees from there. The material collections were then deposited to main GOONJ center at Hosur Road. All monetary collections were given to Chavvi, who took the responsibility of mailing it directly to Goonj center in Delhi. We also appreciate the efforts of ‘Colours of Life’, which was another NGO which contributed around 20 cartons of clothes for the campaign.

Thanks to Yatin and Vidha for their continuous guidance and support throughout campaign.

We extend a heartfelt gratitude to all the people of Bangalore who came forward to help the people of Leh.

The mother of all information now at the doorstep of Wilson Garden kids

September 5, 2010 in Uncategorized by pankhudibangalore

The children at Anatha Shishu Sevashram, Wilson Garden can now access the internet thanks to the LAN setup painstakingly done by Yogesh and Animesh. Animesh, though not being a member of Pankhudi, helped us out to do the setup and we are extremely thankful to him. Due to their efforts, the children can now browse the vast sea of information looking for anything they don’t know about.

This was possible after putting in long hours in the ashram taking measurements of the computer room, crimping the LAN wires and attaching the connectors and then trying out various ways and places in which the router could be placed so as to be able to connect to all the computers. But the story does not end there! A lot of computers had been affected with viruses or had old hardware and so connecting was difficult. But this did not deter the duo and they were finally able to connect some computers to the internet.

We hope the children make optimum use of this facility (teaching them how to use it has already begun!) and be well informed about all that happens around them.

Pankhudi Bangalore – LalBagh Visit for the Kids

August 26, 2010 in Uncategorized by pankhudibangalore

Just a day before 15th August, Pankhudi Bangalore took the kids of Anatha Shishu Sevashram on a trip to LalBagh. Lalbagh organizes flower show on every Independence Day and Republic Day. So this was a nice eve to take the kids for the visit.

40 kids with 6 volunteers reached LalBagh at 9am. The flower show was quite fascinating for the kids. They enjoyed seeing different kinds and colours of flowers. The interesting thing was the India Gate made with flowers.

After the flower show the kids roamed around in Lalbagh. They visited the rose garden. Sitting under a tree near the rose garden, the kids were able to find the green parrots among the green leaves of the trees.

The next was the huge HMT clock. Kids were happy reading the time and seeing the cartoons. The volunteers then took them to the lake where they enjoyed the most. They enjoyed counting the ducks and other water birds near the lake. They were excited to see the fishes in the lotus pond.

After all the roaming around they were still not tired and were in enthusiasm to go to the small hillock with the temple. They rushed to the top when they were given the signal to go.

In all after 2.5 hours of roaming around, the kids looked happy. It was a nice picnic for them and a small break from the regular schedule.

Pics can be viewed @ http://picasaweb.google.com/pankhudi.pictures/PankhudiBangalore_Lalbagh_ASSA#

Sports Event @ SRMAB

November 17, 2009 in Uncategorized by pankhudibangalore

Small kids having fun
Small kids having fun

On 14th November we were able to provide the children at SRMAB with a fun filled day of recreational activities on Sports Day – to get away from the everyday and do something different. The day started off at 9:30 am with the arrival of around 60 children ages 8 to 19 years and volunteers from Pankhudi to SRMAB play grounds.

The inauguration began with prayer and the children were divided into several teams. The day’s sports events were full of a variety of games including discus throw, shot put, javelin throw, frog jumping, spoon race, running race, book balancing and break the pot. The SRMAB grounds come alive as the students cheer their friends who hold high the flag of sportsmanship and competitive spirit through the various events from team sports to individual ones.



The Event wrapped up about 2 PM and the event in all was a success. The Pankhudi team participated enthusiastically in setting up each race. This was really a day to remember and we are thankful to SRMAB for giving the opportunity to make Sports Day a memorable one for all the kids and volunteers here at Pankhudi.

Pics of the event: The photos are 3-d so you will be able to feel the love and fun we had :-) http://picasaweb.google.com/vaibhav.kumar/SRMABSports#

Colour their Dreams

June 11, 2009 in General by priyanka-varma

Everyone of us wait for weekends after a tiring or not-so-tiring week. Even I am one of those. I have always looked forward to the weekends. But there has been a small change. The change is the reason. Previously I used to wait for weekends to have fun with friends, sleep for the whole day or travel around. But now I look forward to it to meet a few sweet, little kids.

This change happened after my first visit to SRMAB. I joined an NGO called Pankhudi Foundation as a volunteer. One of the initiatives of the Bangalore chapter of the foundation is of teaching computer and English in a school for visually challenged students. I was really nervous before my first visit as I had never had a chance to interact with such differently abled people. My brain was juggling with the thoughts of how to teach them computer when they can’t see the keyboard and the monitor.

Entered the class of around 10 students. Joseph Sir who himself is also visually challenged introduced me to the kids. All of them seemed to be very enthusiastic about learning computer. I was surprised with the way they located the computers, started the system and putting on  headphones and all without any help. I was in a state of shock seeing them behave like one of us. Suddenly the room was filled with a noise. Just then I realized that it was a text reading software. All the kids were busy typing on notepads. Some of them were quite well-versed with typing, formatting. I was surprised with the way they used all the shortcuts for all the actions. Even being a computer engineer I am not aware of all those shortcuts. Infact more than teaching I think I have to learn a lot of things from them, not only the shortcuts but also the confidence and grace with which they do all the things.

SRMAB kid using computer

I came out of the shock state after the end of the one and half hour class. It was really surprising for me to see them use the computer so comfortably. But this surprise was only for the first day. Now I was convinced that they can do all the normal things like us. They are no different than me or you. We just need to treat them as a normal human being and help them in building their confidence and make them on par to compete with the others in the society. They do not have the power to see but they have dreams, dreams without colours. So, if anyone of you want to put colours to their dreams can contribute by joining Pankhudi Foundation as a Volunteer or contact me for any other details.

Now I wait for every Saturday. I love going to take computer classes for them, hearing the noise of the Jaws software and their calls of “Ma’m Is it correct??” .

Image Courtesy: http://picasaweb.google.co.in/yatin.sethi/VisitToSRMABBlindSchool#

Pankhudi – It starts with …

May 31, 2009 in General by vaibhavchoudhary

Should I call it chaos or peace?

Not sure if it was a state of shock or discomfort. The ambience was full of noise made by the text reading software. Some 2-3 old dysfunctional computers were lying in the corner. It was a small computer lab with old paint covering the wall. The light although dim, was enough to penetrate every corner of the room. I took a deep breath and walked to one of the six terminals spread around the room.

“Type properly Renuka… put your index fingers on F and J”.

… for detail see the original post :


Pankhudi Bangalore Chapter New Representatives

April 14, 2009 in General by ramkumarkoppu

Let us all wish the very best to the new team and hope that each one of them will set an example of highest level of coordination, team work and dedication while taking the whole Parivaar together.
Pankhudi Bangalore Chapter New Representatives for the year 2009:
Chapter Rep/Head: Vaibhav
Finance Rep:         Deeptangan
PR Rep:                Lipika
Content Rep:         Pravesh

Congrats Guys!!!

Pankhudi Bangalore Meeting on 5th April 2009

April 14, 2009 in General by ramkumarkoppu

Dear All,

I am posting the brief minutes of the meeting. 5th was an extraordinary lively day, with many volunteers (old, new, regular) ones coming together… We had a really nice, brain-storming volunteers meet.

People present (17)- Ajay, Archana, Ayan, Lipika, Mridula, Neeraj, Pallavi, Pooja, Pravesh, Rahul. Ramkumar, Ritu, Santosh, Shreekant Jha, Tanu, Vaibhav, Vivek.

The list of the things that we came up with
(i) Need to talk to SRMAB principal to nominate a coordinator to send kids to the class on time. (Responsible person: Ram Kumar).
(ii) Need to talk to SRMAB principal to change the English class time table. We thought it would be more effective if we have English in the morning time. (Responsible person: Ram Kumar).
(iii) Talk to Pune chapter to get the English teaching material. We will see if we can use Pune chapter material in SRMAB (Responsible person: Ram Kumar).
(iv) Communication skills development program: Conduct test for English class kids and divide the class in to 2 groups depending on their communication level. Quarterly exam for English class kids, Preparing English teaching material by 20th April, Audio lesions to the kids(Once in a month using computer), Maintain volunteers attendance(Online), Tracking students progress(we will keep a Notebook in classroom to write the kids progress, kids attendance, etc.,), Uploading offline tracking info to online by Content Rep.
(Responsible persons: 9th std: Rahul, Pallavi; 7&8th std: Lipika, Ajay, Anshuman, Vivek; 5&6th: Srikanth, Ramya, Lakshmi narshima; Overall participation: Pooja)
(v) Computer Education: Tracking of progress, Monthly targets, Dividing class in to groups depending on their level, Possibility of Network setup in lab. (Responsible persons: Ayan, Pravesh, Tanu).
Talk to School chairman Mr.Srinivas regarding UPS installation. (Responsible persons: Vivek, Ram Kumar)
(vi) Clothes, Books and Toys collection drive in April: We need to find out the Organization to donate the stuff. (Responsible persons: All Members)
(vii) Need more volunteers for English classes in a govt school in Hoskerahalli for class 1 to 3. Timings are 9.30 to 11.00 for about 3 days in the week (no weekends). Please contact Mrs.Radhika bhat for more info.
(viii) We have 10 computers to donate to school/organization. We need help from all members to suggest the names of the school/organization (Responsible persons: All Members)
(ix) Team outing in May: We need suggestions on good outing places. (Responsible persons: All Members)
(x) 2009 activities plan: If we stabilize our SRMAB and N.R.Colony activities then we can think of starting new project in Slum area.

After the meeting, we went for lunch with the team and discussed about movies, food and other stuff :-)

Thats all from my end.

Meeting pics are uploaded to  http://www.pankhudifoundation.org/photos/main.php/bangalore/teammeet/