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Clothes Donation for Migrated Labors

May 1, 2012

This blog is written by Nethra L H.

We organized a cloth donation program on 19th February. The clothes were distributed to migrated labors staying near Kothnur dinne, Jp Nagar .There were about 50 sheds housing approximately 200 to 250 people.

Photo courtesy: Mohan Rajendra

Mohan Rajendra came up with this idea when he got about 80-100 winter jackets from his office. This act made all volunteers to come forward in collecting tons of clothes from their friends and relatives.

These clothes were then segregated according to gender and age, packed and distributed by the volunteers with loads of excitement.


Photo courtesy: Mohan Rajendra

Other than clothes, the donation involved cushions, pillows and bags. A prior visit was made to the camp before to know the necessity of clothes. Once the requirements were identified, all the clothes were brought on to the place.

Photo courtesy: Nethra LH

The need for clothes was clearly visible on each of the person’s faces as they patiently awaited their turn for us to approach them. After seeing the number of people in individual houses, the clothes were distributed and in particular sweaters, warm wear clothes, pillows and cushions were given to the aged people.

Volunteers distributing Clothes
Photo courtesy: Mohan Rajendra

All the effort and hard work put into the donation was well worth seeing their smiling faces .They let all volunteers know that their hard work and diligence was truly appreciated and that all of us will always be in their prayers.

Pankhudi Bangalore – A New Initiative at Desire Society

October 5, 2010

Pankhudi Bangalore has been running the teaching activity at SRMAB and Wilson Garden successfully . Now it was time to extend our help and support to a new place.  A group of volunteers visited “Desire Society” -  Care Center for kids infected with HIV. After taking an overview of the place and talking to the director Mr. Subhash, Pankhudi Bangalore decided that they can start a new project at Desire Society.

Kids at Desire Society

Kids at Desire Society

A small beautiful building surrounded with a big field houses 23 kids in the age group of 3 years to 15years. Not all the kids are HIV affected but for few of them , their parents are HIV positive. The kids here are really confident and welcomes you warmly with a “Hi Brother”, “Hi Sister” greetings.  The first visit was a nice one interacting with them and enjoying  their dance and singing performance.

Most of the kids here study in Kannada medium school. So Pankhudi team decided to start with improving their English. The project started on 30th May 2010 with our first class on getting an overview of the kids knowledge of the subject.

The observation was that the kids need to be divided into three groups – One who need to start with the alphabets, One who know alphabets but need to start with small words, One group who can be taught little more than words.

The time was for action plan. The lesson started with 3 volunteers and now we have a group of  6 volunteers regularly taking the classes for the kids. The learning is focused mainly through fun, more of visuals and picture charts. We regularly organize fun activity too for the kids.

In case if you are willing to join, drop us a mail at  bangalore@pankhudifoundation.org . More the volunteers, more the kids get individual attention. The class timings are Sunday 11am to 1pm.

A talk to remember

September 22, 2010
Amog in Lemon Race at SRMAB Sports Day

Amog in Lemon Race at SRMAB Sports Day

Today, some of us went SRMAB.  Priyanka and Arun reached early to installed JAWS on some of the computers. I was also planned to reach early, but on the gate I met one of the students who I remembered ever. His name is Amog, when I met him last year he was in 4th class, so should be in 5th class now. Remembering old days, he had cleared the 1st round of eye-check and doctor said that bring him in hospital for next round of checkup, looked like there is a scope of improvement. Like Amog there were 33 kids on the list. Every time I took them to doctor (generally we had taken them into batch of 10-10), I just hope that at least some of them get little vision. Oh, I forgot to mention SRMAB is a blind school for visually impaired kids. Kind doctors at Shekar Netralaya every time explained me the problem, every time it was painful to hear that. I don’t want to share that here because blog space is a place to write good things.

That day, I was talking to Amog. He was telling me about his village and his parent. He further added that his father was very much worried about him, I told him not to worry. He told me that some doctor had screwed up his eyes. Finally he told me that a doctor of my knowledge(this all he explained me in English) told me that your eye can be rectified little with sixty thousand Rupees. I was some how enjoying his home story.

In the meanwhile, doctor called for his checkup. After checkup, doctor was explaining me the problem and Amog shouted from back “Madam can you explain it to me as well”. She explained to both of us and it was almost the same story that Amog told me. Finally madam told me that under a severe operation, vision can be improved for 5-10 percent. Amog asked her “how much it will cost” and she told me “you need to consult senior doctor but it will cost around 60-70 thousand” and we both started laughing …

(Amog in picture, one of the brightest and smartest boy of SRMAB)

(Written by Vaibhav, a volunteer of Pankhudi. Working in Bangalore and fan of some such kids)

Carry on the great work …

September 21, 2010

Monday morning started with the Times of India Bangalore covering the works of Pankhudi Bangalore in their weekly section on “City of Angels”.

Article on Pankhudi Foundation in Times of India Bangalore

Article on Pankhudi Foundation in Times of India Bangalore

It really motivates all of us to do more with the accolades for the work done. Thanks to TOI and all others for appreciating our work. Thanks to all the volunteers for their consistent and committed efforts. But there is a long way to go and more to do.

“If we are striving, if we are working, if we are trying, to the best of our ability, to improve day by day, then we are in the line of our duty. ”

Lets work together towards the aim and make a much greater impact !!

[If you want to join for this cause, drop a mail at bangalore@pankhudifoundation.org ]

Health camp @ Priyanka Camp(Okhla Slum) to be held on 9th February 2010

February 7, 2010

We (along with SMILE Foundation) are conducting health camp at Priyanka Camp (Okhla Slum) this Tuesday. SMILE has agreed to send their mobile medical van to the slum on 9th February . The van will be there from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The van operates as a mobile dispensary, has doctors and requisite medical equipment and does health check-ups. The camp is for both adults and kids from the slums of the nearby area.

As the health camp is on Tuesday and given that most of us have offices, so it is a request that anybody who can take out some time of their busy schedule to inform any of the following people about their availability to coordinate that day:





Online books, MS Office exercise !

September 11, 2009

Some information that can be used:

If you are looking for Online Syllabus for CBSE, then yes, it is available. Not only for CBSE but for TN board and Karnataka board, it is available. Please use the following links:


Karnataka book only have 10th books now. But soon other class books will come. This will be helpful for kids who avail the book in different format. Like Visually Impaired kids need book in braille and conversion in braille from here is very easy.

If you are teaching computer in some society and want some exercise on MS office or so, please have a look at these links:

(MS word) : Higher level – http://docs.google.com/View?id=ddzzngkg_23f5jxbhcf
Primary level – http://docs.google.com/View?id=ddzzngkg_26hhtv8d6p

(PowerPoint): Higher level – http://docs.google.com/View?id=ddzzngkg_27d7sj99gg

Computer basic: http://docs.google.com/View?id=ddzzngkg_32cm595wgp

Feel free to use, distribute ! We will add more here soon.

Lets try !

September 11, 2009

She was too young to meet a doctor. Today Bhumika was with me for eye checkup. Sometime I think I should learn Kannada because talking with these kids are too tough. Some grown up, manage English but small kids like Bhumika(5 year age) are too small for English even. Too young to learn anything other than smiling/crying.

I was on leave from last 2 days, many of us actually and its more worth than writing code or playing cricket at office. Today we have taken 13 kids for detailed eye check at Shekar Netralaya. They already visited the school last month and finalized 38 kids who can be operated further. Like previous day, we didn’t get a cab/bus to put the kids at Shekar Netralaya. It is around 1.5 Kms from school. We decided to take the kids by walk but if you want to avoid main road it will be more than 2 kms. 7 out of 13 were bare feet…

Asking them, they said that they feel it better that way. Changing an existing system is tougher than adding a new system. It was not good for their health to walk like this but that was not a right time to give lecture. We moved, its regret to know that many people don’t use brake of their bike in Bangalore in any case. We decided to do it 1-by-1, rather than telling our bikers to stop.

Hospital was crowded. For doctors also this is NGO work and so they can’t disturb the flow of their normal patient. Kids got the chair to sit at least. To one of the excited kids Ravi Kiran,we asked “you want water”. He replied “juice sir, it’s hospital na” :) . Finally the treatment started. And its hard time to listen new stories. Total of 3 cases, where it was a genetic problem. Marriage in same blood like with Cousin or relative, leads to this problem. What doctor sir explained me was – “getting married in same blood cause this problem at a dominant level. Maybe either his mother or father has this problem but not prominent but the next generation effect is very prominent. Lot of research is going on but we don’t have any solid solution yet. ”

Finally we got 4 kids, for whom vision can be little improved by glasses of power like +11, +10. Bhumika case was different from all of them. Her eyes are normal but brain connection with eyes never grown up. Can’t do much. Research is going on ! One doctor was abusing us, that why you came for checkup now. You know its too late for many of them. “Even for some, it is corneal problem which can be rectified but now their retina are too weak to see anything. If your retina will not work for 10 years, how it should be”. Hmmm…. correct ! Some got cataract which can be operated and removed. But again their retina are weak and so vision will not be improved more than 20-25 percent.

I am not writing this blog for any sympathy but just to inform that minor mistakes can lead to a severe problem. Out of 23, there were 4 cases, in which parents screwed up the eyes because kids claimed some irritation in eyes and they put some wrong eye drop/wrong medical treatment. Now, they are crying and why not, they left with that option only. 4 cases, where marriage led to this problem. Take care !!

If you have any kid in your surrounding who has vision problem, don’t wait even for a day. Immediate checkup is required. Eye power go down with a high pace. If someone die in your surrounding, request their relatives to donate his/her eyes. It’s more worthy than what he had done in his whole life. God will definitely bless heaven to him.

Lets give a try before concluding that trying this is not worth. 15 still more to go !

Introduction to Computers

August 17, 2009

Date:                 July 25,2009.

Location:         Teja School,Champapet.

Aim:                 Basic information about a working and use of a computer.

Audience:       70 chirpy and inquisitive children.

Teachers:       Satya and Shekar.

Children are always excited to learn about something new  and this excitement was pretty evident when we informed the kids that we are going to teach them about computers. Many of them heard or seen pictures of a computer but had never seen it first hand. Satya’s laptop was a Santa’s gift to them!!!!!!!!!!                                                                    

The session was divided into two parts:

Part1:Explaination of  the various parts of a laptop which was  taken up by Satya.

Part2: How to use a some basic software which was taken up by Shekar.

Satya explained the kids about the various parts of a laptop like parts of the laptop like the Display, Keypad, Touch pad, speakers, battery etc. Kids were asked to write down the names of the parts from blackboard for their future reference.              

Shekar  talked to kids about how to use some basic functionalities like the word pad and paint.He also taught them to how to play some games.  The session ended with the kids being shown some some videos on the laptop.

The basic  aim of the  session was to introduce these kids to a laptop.We are planning some more classes in the future where the kids would be given some hands  on using the machine.

Link to our old blog

August 6, 2009



The above  is the link to the older blog of Pankhudi Hyderabad.It contains all information about our activities during the previous years.

Eye Camp @ SRMAB

August 5, 2009
Kids waiting with their prescription

Kids waiting with their prescription

It was a big day for us. We were waiting for some result that can change life(s). I had already put leave mail, thanks to Sun culture where no one bothers about leave. But lot of our friends/volunteers already fought for their leave and made it possible, hats off ! Some committed to work in early morning, some committed to night shift but they made the day worth. It was an eye camp for the kids of SRMAB(Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind) and an important day for us.

Doctor had done their setup and we were all ready to control the flow of kids. Only one agenda – was he/she curable or not !! I was not there with any expectation but I could listen some “even if 10 kids can be cured, its a good number”. I had done all these pre-maths last night with the conclusion that if things were not in control, wish for the best. Volunteers were all ready for the action. Faculties of SRMAB were ready to help and taken the work to get the kids from different classes. Principal sir has given their own big hall for checkup, so nice ! He is one of the most concerned person when it comes to student’s health or treatment.

Dr. Smitha at Eye Camp

Dr. Smitha at Eye Camp

Dr. Smitha started with her examination. Before that, one doctor did the initial checkup. Like, he examined the eyes with torch light. If eyes motion exist on torch light that means retina is fine. If retina is not fine means eye problem can’t be cured. Everyone has to go through the main treatment after primary treatment. For some, there were no eyes. For other some, there retina were completed damaged. Doctor Madam told us that most of them have mechanical injuries or severe infection. For other some, eyes were too small… God “some break is required”. In break, God given 38 those kids out of 118 who can be verified/cured(chance) further.
One of the senior members who was Managing Director of Shekar Netralaya was explaining us other things related with this event. He was telling that eye donation is still weak in our country and I am requesting you guys also that whenever you go on any funeral, try to convey the family for eye donation. Eye can be donated in next 6 hrs of death and its best to keep the eye close and put some ice-cube over it. This will keep cornea safe for long time. He further explained that even you can go for Lasik treatment to remove your specs. Lasik operation, now a days can be done in 15 seconds and overall a day treatment. Adding further, he said “these days we do one or more lasik operation per day”.

Renuka and Sheela

Renuka and Sheela

I got the chance to meet my old students, Renuka, Sheela, Kaushik. Renuka said that she was ill from 17 days. Her eyes…hmm it was different from my prediction. Doctor said her eyes could be further checked, that means some hope is still left. They are the most intelligent kids of SRMAB at least in Computers , just because they can’t see completely and so they don’t bother to know whats going on screen. Mouse and screen are two useless part of computer for them.
It was a great day with full of knowledge, good hope, some disappointment and fun with the kids on weekday. Our game plan for next action is all set and we need to put that in zero time. Losing vision in many times is a gradual process which can be checked with proper medication.

More snaps can be viewed here : http://picasaweb.google.com/vaibhav.kumar/EyeCamp#