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Pankhudi Foundation Blog — Blog — Pankhudi Delhi- Diwali celebrations at Priyanka camp, 2011


Pankhudi Delhi- Diwali celebrations at Priyanka camp, 2011

On the 23rd of October, Diwali celebration was organized at Pankhudi Delhi camp. The kids were very excited about it. We kickstarted the event by cleaning the room in which the kids helped us too. The floors were dusted, the books were already arranged by the time we came. We placed a dustbin in the room to inculcate a sense of cleanliness in the kids. Keeping in line with last year’s celebration we called kids in two groups- the younger kids first and the older kids next. We had planned different activities for both the groups.

There were about 20 kids in the first group. One of the volunteer started with a general discussion about Diwali-What is it? Why is it celebrated? What is done on this occasion? How it is enjoyed? We were amazed to know that some of the kids had good knowledge about it and were very enthusiastic while answering. Although we did get some funny answers too. We then introduced the diya decorating activity to the kids as we had planned. They were divided into groups of 4 and each volunteer was assigned one group to help them decorate the diyas. The kids brought out their creative side and painted the diyas in beautiful colors and combinations. It was nice to see them totally engrossed in the activity. The kids seemed pretty ecstatic by the endeavour put in by them and we can safely say that it was a success as we all could see the sense of achievement on their faces which brought the same to ours!

Then it was turn of the older kids for whom we had thought of conducting chart making, rangoli-making and diya-decorating process. Before the commencement of this session, we had a bit of an introductory and educational chat on Diwali with them as well. The older kids were also divided into groups and assigned a volunteer each to help out with the process of diya decoration first. It was pretty interesting. They came up with some amazing designs. In fact the volunteers joined them in the activity and our creations were no where near what those kids came up with. :)

Then we started with chart making and rangoli making as per the interests of the kids. The theme was obviously Diwali and they made some very beautiful charts with amazing motifs and designs depicting Diwali. We plan on to put these charts on the walls once the room is painted again. The rangoli that was made was also very beautiful. We were joined by a couple of friends of  one of the volunteers in this session who helped us in conducting the activities. They were very keen on helping the kids and helped them by suggesting ideas and color the charts. The kids felt proud in their creations. This exercise helped them bring out the creative aspect of their personality which may have been left unexplored otherwise.

After that, we distributed sweets to the kids. Since we did not want to encourage pollution of any kind and at the same time teach a lesson to the kids, we did not distribute any crackers this time. The kids were very pleased towards the end and all had glimmering eyes for they all knew Diwali, the festival of lights was coming.

The experience was enriching for all of us. The kids exhibited great fervour. We all wish that Diwali brings light in form of learning in their and our lives. Happy Diwali!

Pictures link: https://picasaweb.google.com/pankhudi.pictures/DiwaliCelebration2011

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