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Pankhudi Foundation Blog — Blog — Pankhudi Delhi- Impact Day celebrations with Deloitte


Pankhudi Delhi- Impact Day celebrations with Deloitte

On June 10th, the team at Deloitte Delhi celebrated their Impact Day with Pankhudi Foundation. On Impact Day, employees of Deloitte select an NGO and spend entire day in/with that organization and the projects that they are associated with. This year, one group from Deloitte chose to spend their day with Pankhudi Foundation and the kids in Priyanka Camp. They proposed some activities to which we added a couple and the agenda for the day was decided.

The activities that were decided upon includedspreading of disinfectants in the houses and lanes in the slum, a drawing competition and general knowledge quiz for the children, a street play about cleanliness and hygiene and the distribution of snacks for the kids. The team from Deloitte comprising of about 20 people reached the slum at around 10 am.

The day started with the spreading of disinfectants in the slum so that the area could be free from flies and mosquitoes. The people from the slum helped with this activity by procuring the material and doing part of the work of spreading the disinfectants before the team arrived. The work of actually going into the houses and spraying the disinfectants was done by the Deloitte team. The result was visible within an hour. The flies andmosquitoes had reduced considerably in the surroundings.

After that a drawing competition was organized for the kids wherein they drew some extraordinary paintings and drawings. Some tips were given to them by the Deloitte volunteerswhich they carefully used in their drawings. The kids were highly enthusiastic and creative. It was great to see their imaginations fly sky high.

Then they were asked to sing some poems or songs or recite a story. All those who did that were given toffees and cookies. It was great to see the sense of competition and at the same time joy, on kids’ faces. They sang poems, (some of which were slightly distorted) they sang songs and danced. The whole atmosphere had become jovial and merry. After this, prizes were given to the kids with the most extraordinary drawings and also consolation prizes were distributed to commendable works. The exhilaration was visible quite explicitly on their faces.

Finally the programme commenced with a wonderful and very hilarious skit prepared by Deloitte. It highlighted the positives and necessity of cleanliness and hygiene. The skit was very educative and at the same time the kids were in fits of laughter. It taught them an important lesson of being clean and keeping the surroundings clean.

The day ended with the distribution of biscuits, juice and other snacks to the children.

The whole programme was highly organized and well planned, courtesy employees of Deloitte who organized, coordinated and controlled the whole event extremely well.

Kudos to the Deloitte employees for organizing such a wonderful event and a fun filled activity.

We look forward to cooperating more with them at different levels and hope to meet them again when they celebrate Impact day again next year.

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