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Pankhudi Foundation Blog — Blog — ~Pankhudi Hyderabad - Educational trip to Birla Museum and Panetarium


~Pankhudi Hyderabad – Educational trip to Birla Museum and Panetarium

“Some pursue happiness, others create it.. & few are just blessed.”

Blessed were those who could be a part of the MAGIC created by the Kids of UPS on Sunday, March 6th, 2011.

Activity Venue: Trip to Birla Science Museum  & Planetarium.

Participants: 53 Kids & 2 teachers from UPS, Abhinav, Atul, Brinda,Deepa, Jasmine, Jyoti, Deepa, Murthy, Pritam, Richa, Satya, Srikanth, Swetha, Varalakshmi &  Runeeth.

Otherwise a quiet Sunday morning in the Upper Primary School was buzzing…buzzing with the thrill which was about to unfold. All the kids had assembled in the school by 9:30 AM. To start with attendance was taken & ID cards were distributed among the kids (the co-creators did a perfect job to make it look more like corporate IDs). As agreed, the kids were then grouped into 5 sub groups & two volunteers were assigned to lead each sub group. In the mean time, the Bus arrived the school premise & we were all set to go when clock ticked 11. As we started, attendance was taken & kids were free to be themselves in a game of Antakshri. An unseen line was drawn between two teams for that moment. To our surprise, many so called shy kids came out all guns blazing to compete with the other team. Eventually, it was a win win for all , specially so for few volunteers who made some earnings as coins started pouring !

Couple of volunteers had reached the Birla Science museum early to book the
tickets & arrange the food. All the kids along with the volunteers assembled in the park area of the museum for an attendance cum photo session & later were briefed about the place & the schedule of the day. Before moving on with the trip, we took a pause to fuel up. Lunch was arranged by Pankhudi. Handy yet tasty food was followed by some real fun as the kids entered the Interactive science museum @ 1 PM. All the experiments, be it converting mechanical energy to electric energy or the optic illusions & so on, made the day for the kids. A curious glow in their eyes to know & do it themselves said it all. We could spend almost one & half  hour in interactive science museum.

Next we headed to the Archaeological & Birlas’ personal belongings collection museum. Few were trying to calculate how many zeroes would a million have & how come the world existed for sooo many years. We moved on to the Indian Space Program, Under sea Dwarka & Antartica, Indian endeavor by Dept. of Oceanography. It raised many questions, which were answered to the best of our knowledge  & briefing. The next level left many mouths wide open & eyes starry as we entered the Dianosorium, having a giant real life skeleton of the big fellow.

As we came out for a break at 3.30 PM before the show at planetarium expecting the energy levels to be bit down, there came another bunch of surprises. Kids started volunteering to groove to the popular Telegu numbers. Few volunteers, were also requested to join, however, they kept it on store for the next time…some claiming to be too hungry & some innocent & too quiet. In the mean while refreshing drink & snacks were provided to all. So, again we were all up & ready to experience the next big thing of the day, the Planetarium @ 5 PM. For those of you who have experienced the kind of uproar the spectators make when the Little master walks in to bat in a cricket
ground, were given the same treat as the lights went out inside the Planetarium & it was a starry night. It was a visual & knowledge treat for most us & much needed rest for a few  who were greeted with a “Good morning” at the end of the show! Mission Chandrayan  was explained in Telegu which I am sure will be food for thought for many of the kids.

The groups aligned themselves in the park area of museum yet again for the attendance & group photos. We started from the museum by 6:15 PM. The journey back was even more deafening as hidden singers started coming out as more & more coins (this time greater denominations) exchanged hands. By 7:15 PM we reached the UP school, where we had another round of attendance.

By the time we were about to disperse, just asked the kids if they had fun..they for sure said a loud ‘YES’…but for those who said “I never had so much fun ever before in life.” Is what am sure will make you smile as you go through this.

We were indeed…BLESSED.

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