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~Pankhudi Mumbai – Republic Day Celebrations

Below is Mumbai Volunteer Durgesh’s account of Republic Day celebrations in Mumbai


I entered into the class and saw Aditya writing something on the blackboard,with his T-shirt reading

“We teach children about life,
Children teach us what life is about.”

Soon all the volunteers,children and the guests of the day -  the Udaan team from IIT Bombay gathered.

We all went outside, and  the children sang the national anthem in front of the flag.

We  had  plays performed by the kids. “Mulgi shikli, pragati zali”(The learning of the girl child in the family). “Swachha Sundar Suman Nagar”(Clean and beautiful Suman nagar) and “Pani vachwa, jivan vachwa”(Save water,Save life).

A girl had dressed up as Jhansi ki Rani, and we were taught about the legendary queen by the children themselves!!

Three little boys did some of the most awesome hip hop moves in their dance.

Then the Udaan team unleashed their magic. They taught many of the very difficult concepts in physics to the children in a very simple, realistic and animated manner, which the children learned very enthusiastically (I wish I had professors like that…would not have hated physics so much!). They also put up the flight simulator in action so that the children could have the experience of flying an actual aircraft. The children were also showed videos of Indian astronauts, dubbed by our own Pankhudi volunteers from English to Marathi.

The children were given their favorite snacks(read Samosa and laddoos) and also fruits to eat.

The children (and also the volunteers!) played on the flight simulator for hours. No wonder they say,

You dont quit playing because you grow old,
You grow old because you quit playing.”

Later after the children went home, we all treated ourselves with the left over samosas and kachoris! (What a feast!)

and of course , tea.

This was the most amazing and most patriotic republic day I had, with amazingly common and ordinary people who are led by an extra ordinary desire to give something back to the society.

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