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Pankhudi Foundation Blog — Blog — Roadshow at Intel, Bangalore


Roadshow at Intel, Bangalore

It was 10 am on 12th Nov at Intel’s Outer Ring Road campus in Bangalore and a team of us from Pankhudi Bangalore gathered for participating in a roadshow for the Intel’s Social Initiative Contest 2010. Earlier, Pankhudi had won a special prize worth Rs. 25,000 at the contest for our Eye Checkup camp project.

Intel RoadShow

Intel RoadShow

We started by putting up a poster of Pankhudi in the stall. We had to wait for sometime before we were given a green signal to start. All excited, we started discussing about what we speak to the visitors. We even drew up a list of possible activities available for the volunteers to take up. It was still sometime before the employees come to the café for lunch. So, our ace photographers – Vaibhav and Priyanka started capturing the moments. While Srini was busy in helping the other stalls to be set up and network with them. Omji and Yogesh were doing last minute changes in the presentation.

There were other stalls which showed interesting projects. One of them was a project about waste recycling in Varthur village, mainly facilitated by a local school over there. The students from the school had come to present it and we were amazed by the passion with which they explained things. Truly marvelous! I hope more schools take such initiatives bringing up our next generation with inherent care for the environment.

Meanwhile, we were awarded the real cheque of the prize money from Intel. This marked the official start of the Eye Checkup Camp project, i.e. the clock had started ticking.

It was 12 O’clock and we waited eagerly for the people to come and visit the stalls but they all seemed too busy having their lunch. After some time, even we started feeling the urge to fill our empty stomachs. We decided to go in batches, not leaving the stalls unattended. It was a tiring wait but still no luck! Disappointed with the poor response, we were desperately waited hoping that now would be the time, people would visit the stall giving us a chance to spread the word about the project – the actual purpose of the roadshow.

Even during our lunch, we kept our eyes on the stall to see if someone visited. And lo! We got our first visitor. We had a big relief and became super-excited to explain the poor guy everything about Pankhudi and the project. The guy later signed the visitor list sheet! After, this we got lot of visitors – many of them seemed genuinely interested in the project. Many thanks to Omji, who worked almost like a gatekeeper and convinced many people to come and visit. :) Here, on one hand, Priyanka and Vaibhav were explaining things to one set of visitors; on the other, Yogesh and Omji were busy answering the queries from others. It was also interesting to share volunteering experiences with the visitors. Around 2 O’clock, the end of the activity was marked by a group photograph of people from all the stalls. The moments captured can be relived by visiting here.

Overall, we got a good response from Intel employees. We have got a list of visitors with their contact details. We will follow up with them. We hope some of them really help us during the course of the project.

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