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Pankhudi Foundation Blog — Blog — Pankhudi won Intel Social Initiative Contest


Pankhudi won Intel Social Initiative Contest

It was just like a normal day, when Yogesh and other Pankhudi volunteers gathered at Vaibhav’s(one of Pankhudi volunteer) home. Idea was to write a paper for Intel “Social Initiative contest” which will help us in making our work better. Pankhudi Foundation is a kind of NGO where we believe on ground work, teaching work and to help a student so that he/she can live a dignified life. But apart from this, it is also important to take care of Health and Eyes of kids which demands for a minimal amount and we try to get it from our friends.

That day, Yogesh shared this content initiative of Intel with us which could get us a small amount and this could help us in organizing eye checkup or health checkup camps in few of the schools in Bangalore. After brainstorming,  we had written two writeups for the contest. One was the “Web Development Course for livelihood for students who has basic knowledge of computer”. And most of our students are doing great in Computers. And second one was “Eye Checkup for Visually impaired kids across Bangalore”. It sounds different but this is true. Last time, we  have done the eye checkup camp in SRMAB, JP Nagar and 13 kids got specs which improved their vision by 15 percent (believe me good enough).

Finally we documented our paper. One of those documents, our dear friend, Krunal has written in a night… Kudoss. Finally today we got this good news that our paper got selected for Intel Social Program Initiative. A winning hand worth of Rs. 25000. Money comes at second place, what makes us happy is the effort of people, volunteers, all like minded people, who constantly work on making a better society.

Please see the writeup of our idea -

Awareness cum check-up drive for Children having eye- sight problems at Blind School in Bangalore (Idea for which Pankhudi got the award)

Providing a launchpad for underprivileged students(age group 15-18 years) to become self sustained web designers

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