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The Kickstart

A new dawn is waiting for the first rays of sunlight to break.

Pankhudi Kolkata chapter is awaiting its first major initiative in the city of joy. And this is the beginning of reports about the action that has been happening in the background. Although the efforts to put together a chapter started some time back, the first major breakthrough happened when 6 of us (Neeraj, Anurag, Amol, Shashank, Devendra and Gaurav ) met on June 28th at Anurag’s place in Balleygunge. The agenda was to discuss the possibilities of initiatives in Kolkata. We discussed on various possibilities:

  • Trying out a slum initiative like Pune, Mumbai and Delhi chapters
  • Tying up with NGOs for Slum Initiative
  • Divya Drishti initiative

Due to the lack of Bengali Speaking members (only Shashank knew Bengali), we shelved the slum initiative for the time being. Amol shared some valuable insights from his experiences at Pune chapter. Neeraj shared his experiences of Bangalore Chapter with Divya Drishti Initiative.

We decided to act on the list of schools for visually impaired that can be looked upon for starting Divya Drishti initiative in Kolkata.

It was time for action. What followed was continuous exchange of ideas, a welcoming inflow of volunteers, a failed visit and a series of visits that proved to be a silver lining for us as it stands today.

~Contributed by Neeraj

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