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Pankhudi Foundation Blog — Blog — Republic Day Celebration


Republic Day Celebration

This year’s Republic Day was very eventful and perhaps one of the most memorable one for the Pankhudi family, kids and their parents. A total of almost 130 people, inclusive of Lions Club Members and volunteers had assembled to celebrate the day.

Shahzad started off :)

Shahzad kicked off the event with his introductory speech followed by Saraswati Vandana and lighting of lamps by the guest from Lions Club. The latent talent of public speaking in Wilson and Kalpesh was evident through their bold speech before the public, without looking into the script. It was especially surprising for the volunteers who had given them just 1 hour to prepare and very little coaching.


The confidence imbibed in these kids through Pankhudi classes was clearly reflected in the words of the song ‘Hum Honge Kamyab‘, which they enthusiastically sang. To give the function a patriotic touch, there were songs and dances pertinent to the Republic Day theme. The kids energetically rocked their feet to the tunes of ‘Masti ki Paathshala’ , but vibrations were strong enough to set the volunteers also dancing after the program. Thanks to the volunteers who had ensured that the kids knew the national anthem verbatim and before the function concluded, everyone sang it with full pride.

Des RangeelaPappu can't dance

In order to acknowledge and appreciate their devotion in the class and participation in the function, the kids were gifted geometry boxes, coloring books etc. I guess nothing else could have made their day any brighter.

But there was one thing that everyone including the parents, guests and kids had waited for; the snacks! It was very satiating to have wada pav, frooti and tea after two hours of function.

The Republic day celebration proved to be a blessing as we were able to understand the kids’ talents in a better fashion and facing the audience imparted a “CAN DO” spirit in the kids. Additionally, the parents realized that every volunteer was committed to making their kids happy by making learning fun.

The impact of the function was direct! In the very next class on Saturday, 31st Jan, the attendance of junior batch shot up to roughly 25 kids from barely 10; with a few new faces. I wish the same trend picks up for the seniors.

Hats off to all the Pankhudi volunteers for making the event a grand success! We deeply felt the absence of Swati, Aditi, Pooja, Sonam, Amit, Ashish, Yogesh, Sameeksha, Shivani and all other volunteers and had they been present, the function could have been even more delightful.

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