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A Workshop Cum Way To Learn, Excel and Inculcate

The Thought Of Flying High In Life!

To create an awareness towards science and in general towards studies among children, Udaan- an aerospace group supported by Aerospace department of IIT Bombay conducted a rich workshop for Pankhudi children on Sunday -19th Oct at 2.00pm at Suman Nagar, Mumbai. This was a 4 – 5 hrs totally interactive and learning-cum-fun workshop.

Udaan Objective: To motivate children towards engineering (not only aerospace) and other technological activities, so that later in the life when the kids meet different people they know something about others’ background, and hence to excel and build their networks.

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~Pankhudi Objective: We are keen in motivating the kids towards the basic education that they should have in their life. And so by keeping this workshop we can ask them to work sincerely to achieve what they aim to become later in their life.

The Basic structure of the Workshop was like this:

PPT / Video session:

This was a video screening session, where general basic Aero-modeling and mechanics was described. Also they planned to show some videos related to actual flights (like Rocket Launch by NASA, it was just an example not really the same).

Paper Plane workshop:

This was an interactive session, where they taught them how to build paper planes in new innovative ways, and then ask them to make it.

Water Rocket Demonstration:

A Water-Rocket demonstration was held. Basic logic was that, they pressurize air inside a half filled Glass -Bottle (with water) and then release it, this actually rises to a decent enough height.

QA and General Information/ Logic:

Most important session of the event. Here the Udaan team tried to answer their doubts and gave them few (or many) logics or ideas about how to achieve their goals and excel in their life.

After that our kids shared their experiences and gave token of love on behalf of ~Pankhudi..

So, this was All about the workshop. On The Behalf Of ~Pankhudi Mumbai Chapter we thank Udaan for the extraordinary support and enthusiasm for motivating our kids To Join, Participate, Support And Enjoy The New way Of Learning.

Thanks :)

PR – Mumbai.

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