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~Pankhudi collaborates with FoodieBay 

~Pankhudi Foundation has tied-up with Foodiebay to generate funds for a cause of educating underprivileged children. For a period of 30 days, starting from October 27th 2008, every visit on (via Pankhudi website) will generate Rs 3 to ~Pankhudi

Help ~Pankhudi and FoodieBay in this mission; refer your friends to FoodieBay and participate in generating funds for a noble cause! The fund raised by this joint campaign would be spent for the benefit of children through our projects.

FoodieBay is an IIT Delhi student-alumni start-up which is all about food and where you can find the best of it. Currently in NCR, FoodieBay brings a fresh idea to the Indian dotcom scene with a huge and sincere effort summing it all up. Believing in experimenting with unconventional marketing methods, the team tries to direct most of its marketing budget through useful channels so that the money is aptly used for a social cause.

The FoodieBay-Pankhudi campaign is an effort in this direction.
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Join a team of highly motivated individuals committed to the cause of a better tomorrow for the children.

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