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  Our Mission: We at Pankhudi Pune are trying to build a better tomorrow for us & our nation with the biggest asset of our society - the children!Rabindranth Tagore

At Pankhudi Pune we are primarily involved with the education related activities, under the name of Protsahan, for the children of Patil Estate. For Protsahan our basic motivation is to put different options for their future, in front of them and enable them to choose the better ones. We guide them to broaden their views and make children grow up into empowered citizens who can support themselves and their families through a lifestyle devoid of any compromises with the basic needs.

About Pankhudi Pune in brief:

We conduct Protsahan classes on weekends at Library set up in Patil Estate and at Boat Club(College of Engineering Pune). We teach Maths, English and Science to the kids in very interactive way to improve their basics in these subjects. With the belief that teaching life skills to the young children is as important as the routine curriculum, we also teach life skills topics to them. On weekdays, some of our dedicated volunteers have also started extra classes for the kids who need serious attention to their academics. At the beginning of every academic year we also try to admit dropout kids from the community to school with the help of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan - Pune and near by schools who have always been supportive to us.

~Pankhudi-Pune has been conducting Protsahan classes for kids of Patil Esate, Wakdewadi. We have three batches running at weekends.

A) WeekEnd Classes :

1. Academic classes for Elder kids

Objective: Bringing in attitudinal changes in students and teach Science and Maths in a way that it'll compliment their school teaching. We teach English as a by product, i.e., lot of English is used while teaching, talking, playing, etc.

Venue: COEP Boat Club, Shivaji Nagar, Pune
Kids: School going kids of class 9th - 12th.
Timings: Sat 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm and Sun 5:00 pm - 7 p.m.

We need volunteers from Commerce background to teach commerce students of 11th-12th std.

2. Academic classes for Younger kids.

Objective: Kids of this batch are very young , roughly 10-13 yrs old. We teach them Maths and English in a way that compliments their school teaching. We also frequently discuss topics of science and social science to generate curiosity of children in the world around. We regard learning of basic life skills at this age as very important, therefore it also forms a part of our regular curriculum.

Venue: Lane 8, Patil Estate, Wakdewadi,Pune
Kids: School going kids of class 6th - 8th .
Timings: Sat 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm and Sun 5:00 pm - 7 p.m.

3. English grammar class for Elder kids.

Objective : Right from parts of speech, sentence construction to writing skills is taken care in this class. Slowly the focus will be taken on English speaking.

Venue: Library, Lane 8, Patil estate , Shivaji Nagar, Pune
Kids: School going kids of class 9th - 12th.
Timings: Sun 2:00 pm - 4 p.m. Public Holidays 2 pm ? 4p.m

B) Weekday Classes

1. Adult literacy classes:

Objective: There are many women who are not able to read and write Marathi/Hindi even. So we have started taking classes for such women in Patil Estate who are interested to learn reading and writing.

Venue: Library, Lane 8, Patil Estate.
Timings: Mon - Fri 3.00 pm- 5.00 pm

Need female Volunteer for Adult literacy class who can come on weekdays.

2. Computer Classes

Objective: Hands on Computer usage, functionalities, introduction to programming

Venue: Library, Lane 8, Patil Estate.
Students: 10th - 12th std, BCom, BCA, Engineering diploma students
Timings: Mon - Fri 3.00 pm- 5.00 pm

Need a Volunteer for Computer class who can come on weekdays.

3. Academic class for elder kids

Objective: To help 10th, 12th std kids in their academics. Regularity of this batch depends on the availability of the volunteers on weekdays.

Venue: Lane 8, Patil Estate.
Kids: 10th, Students with Science stream in 11th and 12th standards, Polytechnic ? Electronics
Timings: Mon - Fri 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Apart form these regular classes, we also engage kids in creative activities like drawing, dancing, origami, movies, star gazing, outings, festival celebrations and a lot more !!

We also conduct other useful campaigns on need basis. Recently, Pankhudi conducted a nationwide Sahayta - collection drive for the victims of Leh cloud burst. Pune itself collected a truck full of cloths, utensils, books, etc which was handed over to Goonj for further distribution at Leh.

4. Economics Class for 11th-12th Students, B.Com Students

Objective: Students need assistance in learning account and economics. So, their doubts, concepts are cleared in this class.

Venue: Lane 8, Patil Estate.
Kids: 11th-12th std, B.Com
Timings: Mon - Wed 4 pm - 8:00 pm

We precisely need more volunteers from Commerce background.

Apart from this, we conduct different classes quarterly or in Summer. Volunteer/students chose topic of their interest and conducted the interesting classes. Some examples are ?

  1. Starting with Amazing maths class by Prakash Sir - All started with Prakash sir's special math talk, we all know how engrossed we got during his lecture, I mean mathematics is a night mare for few and some of us really refrain to get lost in the labyrinth of calculus and trigonometry but during his class from kids to adults everyone was just into one thing.....Maths!!..everyone was trying to figure out the mystery behind Permutations and Combinations and by the end of the class we knew... how easy it was!!!
  2. Craft and Painting : We made beautiful baskets from newspapers and sticks and bits of colored papers turned into lovely roses. It looked difficult but we did it quickly also little ones learnt that vegetables are not just for eating.:D
  3. Analytical ability, fast calculations : It always feels great to see our kids on podium, In this special class to solve mathematical problems in fast way what more exciting was to see the aplomb of Students.
  4. Dance : There is so much hidden in dance..More than learning steps this class was about loosen up and have fun with music and steps.
  5. World History : History could be so much interesting and easy we never realized starting from how the world formed and moving towards world wars and the to contemporary world Everything looked like an story
  6. German Language : A new language cannot be learnt in a day, but we got the gist of how to learn a new language, what approach we should follow & how we can have fun with words. And of course we did learn some commonly used words & terms of German language.
  7. Bridge Modelling : Starting with understanding more about bridges like how we start to build a bridge, how can we make the bridge to take more load and sustain we actually build a bridge from ice cream sticks which was difficult to break :)
  8. Vedic Maths : An another interesting class after prakash sir's lecture, we quickly solved squares, cubes of different numbers and learnt basics of vedic maths. It will definitely make our lives easy
  9. Sanskrit : A really fun filled class by one of our students. He indeed made both ends meet to make sanskrit class gripping. Everyone was enjoying translating hindi movie 'sholay' dialogues in sanskrit
  10. We also engage kids in creative activities like movies, star gazing, outings, festival celebrations and a lot more !!

    We also conduct other useful campaigns on need basis. Recently, Pankhudi conducted a nationwide Sahayta - collection drive for the victims of JnK heavy rainfall. Pune itself collected a truck full of cloths, utensils, books, etc which was handed over to Goonj for further distribution at JnK.

    Achievements of the Year

    1. We have set up a library at Patil estate which is open to all throughout the day.
    2. Many of our students have passed 10th and 12th examinations with very good results.
    3. One of our student has now independently started taking classes(Tuitions) for younger children while continuing her college education. Increased Parents' concern to kids? studies and behavior.
    4. Many girls took admission in 11th std and are continuing their studies rather than dropping out of school after 10th as was widely seen in previous years.
    5. Girls admissions for graduation courses like Polytechnic diploma, B.A- B.ed, BCA,B.Com.
    6. We put Computer in Library and students started using it for themselves.

    How can I contribute?

    We believe that each one of us wants to and can contribute to society in their own ways. We are just listing a few of them here. One can teach on weekends or help in developing teaching content, help in non-field activities like website, blog, photo gallery updation, design posters for campaigns, conduct fine-arts / dance / drawing classes for children during their holidays, and so on. The volunteers can also be involved in occasional/ one-time activities like collection drives, outings, health camps, and festival celebrations.

    We started providing scholarships to our students to motivate them to study further. We also need to pay rent for the library which we set up in Patil estate. Sometimes we also contribute in paying fees for higher education. So, you can also donate for this cause. These transactions will be very transparent.

    For more info about this year other activity please visits the blog.

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    Photo Gallery:
    ~Pankhudi Pune Photo Gallery.

    Volunteer details & Contacts:

    If you wish to join us in working for a cause, you will have to attend one Volunteer Study session(VSS)which is conducted on first and third Sunday of each month. You can contact any of the members below for confirming your availability for VSS or for more information .

    • Ms. Priyanka Saxena, Chapter Representative, Cell - +91 9545063568, Email
    • Ms. Jyotsna Gupta, PR & Resource Representative, Cell - +91 8308805069, Email
    • Mr. Shreyash Sarode, Content Representative, Cell - +91 9960467558, Email
    • Mr. Jayakrishna Malleboyena, Content Representative, Cell - +91 8600031619, Email
    • Mr. Saurabh Mangal, Finance Representative, Cell - +91 9730796805, Email
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