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    Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change you want to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi You can Help

In our own small ways, we have formed initiatives that we believe can go a long way in helping others. We often visit orphanages and special schools for children and volunteer with assistance. We also participate and sometimes, jointly organize training programs for those who are interested in volunteering. This doesn't just create an awareness but also give the trainees an inside perspective to the different ways of making a difference in society. We believe in group effort & work in teams.

We try to locate places in our regions where we can potentially provide help in teaching and health-care. We then collect ourselves and delve on best possible ways to address the problems of these places. What follows subsequently is beginning of implementations without any further delay. We put special focus on orphanages and disabled's homes and slum children.

~Pankhudi Parivaar is targeting to address the prevailing issues of children in slums. At this moment, this is our main focus - lack of basic education and health of the children who live in slums. We are also working for visually-impaired children. One of our future aims is to work in the area of adoption promotion.

~Protsahan - Education & Health for Slum children


There are many medium and small slums around us (especially in cities). The dwellers of these places often lack many basic amenities of life and the chaos of their lives to obtain the basics leads to brushing-aside of most important concerns: education (formal or informal) and healthcare of all age groups.

Through our nationwide program ~Protsahan (Encouragement), we are trying to address these problems. We are working to address their primary education and health concerns. We are constantly trying to develop and implement innovative and effective modules of teaching. We intend to make ~Pankhudi Protsahan an enjoyable, learning and encouraging engagement for the children. Our volunteers are young college students and working professionals -filled with immense energy and dedication towards this cause.

~DivyaDrishti - Education for visually-impaired children

DivyaDrishtiIt's an absolutely different experience when one gets to interact with these wonderful children and when it comes to teaching visually-impaired children, its much more learning from them rather than teaching.

~Pankhudi is running a project ~DivyaDrishti (Divine-Sight) to teach visually-impaired children in collaboration with their schools and institutions (SRMAB school in particular).We are teaching English, computers and imparting other life skills to the children.

~Sahayog - Provides support to like minded NGOs & people

  The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation - Bertrand RussellSahayog

~Sahayog (Co-operation), aims at providing support to the NGOs, institutes, persons working for the social good. Pankhudi Pune is associated with Nachiket Balgram, home for several needy kids, situated in Akurdi. The team helps NB kids in their regular studies and extra curricular activities. In addition, Hyderabad team is involved in helping children in Orphanages.

~Aashayein - Awareness & Education of HIV/AIDS affected children

  Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all...Always keep the Hope!Our Mission


Pankhudi team ~Aashayein (Hope), works for the HIV affected children of the society. The main focus areas are: HIV/AIDS Awareness, greater social acceptance of the affected kids and providing moral support by building bonds with them. Two series of HIV/AIDS Awareness campaigns were conducted by Pankhudi Pune in collaboration with NGOs working for the HIV affected kids. Pune team visits kids at these NGOs on weekends to help them in their studies, extracurricular activities thus bringing some quality time for these children.

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