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As all of you might be aware, Orissa and Sikkim have been struck by nature’s fury. Orissa is under a major flood while the quake has taken a huge toll on Sikkim.

Sahayata is a collection drive and fund raising campaign across various cities of India being organized by Pankhudi Foundation in collaboration with NGOs such as GOONJ and YDF, Mighty Club in Orissa.

How can you contribute?

  • Medicines, baby food, sanitary napkins and other immediate materials required.
  • Wheat, Rice, Pulses (Dal), Chiwra, Biscuits, dry and packed eatables.
  • Clothes, bed sheets, blankets, Tarpaulin (Large plastic sheets), Mosquito nets.
  • Cooking utensils, ropes, feeding bottles, water purifying tablets.

Material donation must be packed in plastic bags to make storage and transportation easier. The collected material will be submitted to GOONJ for further distribution.

Monetary Contributions:

  • All Monetary Contributions will be utilized towards purchasing the above material in bulk and for transporting it to the relief camps
  • By CHEQUE/DRAFT drawn in favor of “GOONJ” or “MIGHTY CLUB” (No cash accepted). Please write your name, postal address, phone no, email id, and PAN no behind the cheque/draft for receipt purpose.
  • For online transfer, please get in touch with Sahayata Representatives in your city.
  • All donations will be eligible for Tax Benefits under 80G and FCRA.
  • Your contribution will reach the needy through GOONJ or Mighty Club.

Taking material to Orissa or Sikkim is costly and difficult therefore GOONJ will be using the money we raise to buy materials from nearby cities

The LAST DATE for sending in your contributions is 20th OCTOBER 2011 .

Contact one of our Sahayata representatives in your city:

City Name Contact Email
Bangalore Mr. Mohan Rajendra/
Ms. Prathima Kharvi
+91 90357 75116 /
+91 87221 44753
Delhi Ms. Chhavi Negi/
Ms. Richa Singh
+91 99582 39780/
+91 88609 42604
Hyderabad Mr. Murthy Penugonda/
Ms. Jyoti Singh
+91 81218 76553/
+91 93947 34328
Mumbai Ms. Mukta Matta/
Mr. Akram Shaik
+91 98675 11042 /
+91 97735 63351
Pune Ms. Srushti Dhok/
Mr. Sangamesh Kallur
+91 94225 41951/
+91 97625 22467
Other locations Mr. Vaibhav Choudhari/
Mr. Satya Narayan Mohanty
+91 98867 96985
+91 99080 27775

For any other queries, email us at

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