.. Pankhudi Fairy ..

We are introducing to you someone who's very close to all of the Pankhudians! You will then ask, where was she so far? Well...she was there in our minds in our actions ever since Pankhudi came into existence!! So, let's welcome her! Presenting you the very own of ours : "Pankhudi Pari" !

Pankhudi Fairy

As the name so is her fame!! She is a Fairy...she knows magic...magic for smiles!! :) She wears gown as red as pomegranate and had wings which are as bright as Sun rays! Her heart is filled with love for everyone and children are her best friends. She gets sad if any kid is sad and she does all possible things to make everyone happy.

And yes... because she is a Pari She's been hiding so far yet blessing every children!!!

She is knowledgeable, she tell stories of wisdom, she teaches children, she tells nice poems/rhymes, teaches songs and she dances too!!

She has come from the land where every child is healthy & given education and so, she wants that to spread it here too! She belongs to all...She knows the key of every lock and she helps kids!!

Pankhudi Foundation is very happy to have finalized on her appearance working on it for last 3 years. Pankhudi intends to make variety of use of 'Pankhudi Pari' mascot - in all children content, Teaching methods, stories, animation films & videos .. the list has no end.

Loads of appreciation to all members of Design Cell, Pankhudi Foundation: Ms. Rashmi Borole, Mr Madhukar, Mr. Amrit Vatsa, Mr. Yatin Sethi, Ms. Kavita, Mr. Preetam Emani.

Special Thanks to Mr. Shahzad Wakeel, Ms. Aditi Kulkarni and Mr. Surya Adavi for continuously improving it over the years.

Join a team of highly motivated individuals committed to the cause of a better tomorrow for the children.

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