.. A Leader ..

Every individual is a Leader in her/himself!

A chance to assume a leadership to do good at a societal level is something which is highly sacred and always required.

Pankhudi helps in developing leaders who directly or otherwise contribute towards upliftment of society -and, thus, evolving the person into an accomplished and satisfied human being.

We bring to you first part of the panoramic view of leadership in Pankhudi:
Have a look:

Pankhudi Leadership glance:
Pankhudi Leadership glance
Whats it like, Working in Pankhudi to uplift our society ....................:
Pankhudi Leadership glance

Leadership Development Group (Pankhudi LDG)
Krunal Desai, Aditi Kulkarni, Namita Dalmia, Surya Adavi, Ram Kumar, Yatin Sethi, Jyotsana Bobba

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Join a team of highly motivated individuals committed to the cause of a better tomorrow for the children.

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