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Current Projects : Protsahan, Sanjeevani, and Sahayata

Details about our work :

  • Upper Primary School (UPS), Gachibowli

Student Strength : 310
Staff Strength : 3 Govt Teachers, 7 Vidya volunteers
Classes : Classes I - VII and a crèche

We teach Maths and English to the classes V, VI and VII of Upper Primary School.

6-8 volunteers teach every Saturday from 9 AM to 11.30 AM at the Upper Primary School, Gachibowli. While teaching, volunteers always emphasis on building the foundation, as once the foundation is built, kids can understand the advanced concepts using the basic concepts as the base.

  • Nishulk Prabhat School (NPS), Khairatabad.

Pankhudi has been associated with Nishulk Prabhat School since January 2011. NPS is located in Khairatabad. It is a government aided school with a support from a group of trustees who work with the objective of free education to students. Currently this school is catering approximately 350 students. Most of these students are from economically weaker section of our society

In a competitive era, a communication skill is a key criterion for success. Keeping that in mind we started Spoken English in NPS. Every morning (except Sunday) from 9- 10 O’clock 25 students of class IX are honed for the same.

The classes are highly interactive and stretch beyond the pages of the books into the real life scenarios and examples.

Currently 2-3 volunteers conduct the above mentioned classes.

How ~Pankhudi Hyderabad Volunteers teach

While volunteers stress on basic arithmetic and number system in Maths, the stress in English is on enhancing listening, reading, writing, communication, grammar and vocabulary skills of the kids. Periodic test is given to the kids to assess the knowledge of kids and also to measure our efforts. To supplement the insufficient books from the government, ~Pankhudi Hyderabad also donated Telugu, Science, Social Science, Maths and English books for the students of classes 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Our Learning and our approach

Enforce Similarity of Teaching Style
~Pankhudi Hyderabad volunteers understood that similarity in the teaching style and preparedness of volunteers for the classes greatly help the kids in understanding the topic. Volunteers are developing teaching materials for English and Maths, so that all the volunteers can prepare themselves for the subject in advance, and teach in a similar way.

Motivating the Teachers
~Pankhudi Hyderabad volunteers go on weekends hence can only revise what is already taught to the kids during the week. A gap of one week is enough for the kids to forget what we teach. Hence, volunteers felt that without the teachers’ cooperation, the goal was too far. So ~Pankhudi Hyderabad started working on various methods to motivate and keep up the spirit of the teachers. One of the ways is to involve the teachers in developing the teaching materials volunteers prepare.

Other Activities

~Pankhudi Hydrabad also conducts games and activities on some special occasions like the Independence day, the Teachers’ day, the Childrens’ day, etc. The activities in these events are mostly extracurricular. The activities are always targeted to attract participation from both the kids and the teachers. The objective of involving the teachers is to create a friendly environment in the school which helps us in various other ways. At the end of the events, prizes are distributed to encourage the kids.

Sanjeevani @ NBT Nagar Govt School Medical Camp

A medical camp was conducted last year in NBT Nagar Govt. School, Banjara Hills in association with AVASHA. The aim of the medical camp was to address health and sanitation issues faced by the slum kids and their parents. Slum people were diagnosed and were distributed medicines as required. If diseases were found in advanced stages, the diagnosed patients were recommended to visit nearby hospitals. Another goal of conducting the medical camp was to create a database of all the kids from different age-groups in the slum. Pankhudi Hyderabad plans to use this database to compare against the school’s database of kids to identify the drop-out kids.

Sahayata @ Flood relief collection drive

Pankhudi Hyderabad conducted a collection drive in 2009 for the flood victims of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. The drive was planned for 10 days starting from 20th October to 30th October. In this period, the Hyderabad volunteers contacted their friends and relatives, requesting them to donate flood relief materials. At the end of 10th day, the collected flood relief materials were delivered to Goonj to send them to the needy people.

Publicity Camps:

To spread Pankhudi’s name and the cause it stands for, Pankhudi Hyderabad had conducted a signature camp at Prasads IMAX premises. The purpose of this camp was to raise the volunteer count through awareness. ~Pankhudi Hyderabad volunteers stood at various locations inside the Prasads premises and talked to the visiting people about the cause it stands for. Volunteers also collected messages from the people, for the slum kids on Pankhudi’s banner. The response from the visitors was awesome; many of them expressed their interest in helping ~Pankhudi Hyderabad volunteers in teaching the slum kids.

Volunteer details and contacts:

Pankhudi Hyderabad has an enthusiastic volunteer base. Most of them are working professionals in the age group of 23-30.

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