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Do more than belong: Participate. Do more than care: Help. Do more than believe: Practice.Do more than be fair: Be kind. Do more than dream: Work.

                       --- William Arthur Ward 


Dear Visitors,

We all know the plights of the people at north Bihar which is hit by recent flood in Kosi river. It has wrecked havoc on them, leaving millions of people material-less and without food/cloths/shelters. The situation is grim and millions of people are badly affected. We, Pankhudians, have deep empathy towards the victims and we are going to help them in all possible ways.

This is to announce the launch of Pankhudi Collection Drive "Sahayata" for Bihar Flood victims who are in need of help and support from everyone in the country. Sahayata is a nationwide collection drive led by all ~Pankhudi chapters (Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune) and starting from 27th September (Saturday) - 4th October (Saturday) afternoon. This is an URGENT APPEAL to all members of Pankhudi Parivaar to join in its campaign "Sahayata" to provide support to the victims of this unprecedented disaster. Please circulate this e-mail to all your acquaintances, friends and corporate.

List of Donation items: Important: Material support (needed in good quality) Dry ration - Rice, Pulse, Gram, Chiura, Cooking oil, Gud, Sugar, Tea, spices, Biscuits, Namkeen, Packed eatables and Infant Baby's milk powder. Utility items- candles & matchbox, torch & batteries, storage & cooking utensils, tarpaulin, feeding bottles, buckets, ropes, Mosquito nets, stoves Clothing- large number of sarees, bedsheets, shirts, T-shirts, kids clothes, towels, daris & all kind of usable clothing & footwear. Export surplus/ Cotton cloth for making sanitary napkins Kindly also donate used plastic (white) gunny bags, preferably 50 Kg bags to help us pack the donated clothes. Even one gunny bag per donor will help us greatly! (You can obtain gunny bags from your nearby grocery/provision shop keeper for a cost of Rs 3 ~ Rs 5/ bag).

Sahayata Methodology

We will collect the stuff, sort out the things like clothes for men, women & children, food items, medicines, pack it in gunny bags and deliver to NGOs who are working on the field (an exemplary work is being done by Goonj, www.goonj.org ). We need to finish the collection drive by 4th October 2008, Saturday afternoon. So here is a request to all of you to please ask you friends and relative to donate the following material and get them in touch with "Sahayata coordinators" (list of contacts given below). Sahayata coordinators will help individual and corporate donors in all possible ways to smoothly collect and distribute the items.

~Pankhudi Sahayata Volunteers


Vaibhav-9886796985 Lipika-9945600788 Arvind-9845761239 bangalore@pankhudifoundation.org


Naval-9811801301 Nitin-9871090815 Amit-9971006580 delhi@pankhudifoundation.org


Jeevan-99897 84567 Sajani-99122 92333 hyderabad@pankhudifoundation.org


Yogesh-9833004507 Amit-9987541041 Abhishek-9867710583 mumbai@pankhudifoundation.org


Amruta-9850887277 Murthy-9975385890 Sumit-9970231452 pune@pankhudifoundation.org


Neeraj Kumar- 9748857227 Gaurav Bajpai- 9748857352 Gaurav Ranjan- 9231023238 kolkata@pankhudifoundation.org

Central Email_id: pr@pankhudifoundation.org

1) Flood Poster (737kb) www.pankhudifoundation.org/Sahayata/~Pankhudi Sahayata_Poster_ BiharFloodRelief CollectionDrive.pdf

2) Corporate Letter(121kb): www.pankhudifoundation.org/Sahayata/~Pankhudi Sahayata_CorporateLetter_BiharFloodRelief CollectionDrive.pdf

3) Pankhudi Join Poster(354kb): www.pankhudifoundation.org/Sahayata/~Pankhudi_join_Poster.pdf

To become a member of ~Pankhudi Parivaar, mail at: join@pankhudifoundation.org