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   "Hope" is a good thing, may be the best of things and no good thing ever dies. We must count our blessings, for there are many who haven't been blessed that well. You can Help

What we do and what we want to do ?

At this moment, our focus is on the prevailing issue of lack of basic education and health of the children who live in slums.

We want to create a volunteering movement where educated people like you and us can take charge of destiny of the underprivileged children and thus proudly - and together - build a stronger, vibrant, empathic and developed society. Working for causes like - care of the slum kids, disabled or orphaned or uncared children to improve the quality of their childhood is our prime motto. Check out our projects and campaigns here .

We continue to identify with and work along the economically and socially deprived, the physically and mentally challenged - starting with children, so that they become educated, skilled and aware.

We at ~Pankhudi Parivaar realize that the need of the hour is awareness first and ensuing actions. To sensitize people to the difficulties faced by underprivileged children would not only help them understand the problems, but will also lead to a chain reaction of receptive attitudes that endeavor to alleviate these problems.

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Why we do ?

Someone once said, "child is the father of man" - we took it too seriously. That explains why we do, what we do. Most underprivileged children are faced with adverse conditions during an early age. This renders them socially, emotionally and even physically weak as they grow up. But if we can enable these children to be self-reliant then they can enjoy a childhood filled with smiles.

It is a long-term strategy for emancipating the whole community, through interventions at the grass root level with extra emphasis on child especially street / slum and disabled and orphaned child. The birth of ~Pankhudi was around the idea of connecting minds with similar vision, ideas, action plans and commitment.

How it works?

In our own small ways, we have formed initiatives that we believe can go a long way in helping others. We often visit orphanages and special schools for children and volunteer with assistance. We also participate and sometimes, jointly organize training programs for those who are interested in volunteering. This doesn't just create an awareness but also give the trainees an inside perspective to the different ways of making a difference in society. We believe in group effort & work in teams.

We try to locate places in our regions where we can potentially provide help in teaching and health-care. We then collect ourselves and delve on best possible ways to address the problems of these places. What follows subsequently is beginning of implementations without any further delay. We put special focus on orphanages and disabled's homes and slum children.

Through our nationwide programme Protsahan ('encouragement' as translated in English), we are trying to address this problem in our own little ways. We are also working for visually-impaired children. One of our future aims is to work in the area of adoption promotion.

Visit our Our Work section for additional information on our projects and campaigns .

Visit our Focus Regions section for information on the regions we have concentrated so far .

So who are we?

Shahzad Wakeel


Pankhudi was formed with a goal in mind to uplift under-privileged children of our society. Pankhudi was conceptualized (april 18th, 2005 IITB) with a purpose to minds with similar vision and commitment. Pankhudi network started through a seed community on orkut. Milestones have been set in our progress so far by our small but consistent effort.

Founder of Pankhudi, Shahzad Wakeel (IITB alum), is a young professional with diverse experiences in sustainability, management consulting, IT and analytics. Through Pankhudi in 2005-06, he started executing projects with a single-minded vision that in order to ensure a capable, healthy and responsible future citizens of our country, the access to value education and necessary healthcare for every children is a must and it is a shared responsibility of ours to work on this.

Pankhudi Volunteers

~Pankhudi comprises of highly motivated people with diverse backgrounds ranging from professionals to social activists.

Pankhudi Team
Pankhudi Team

Pankhudi All India Meetings

Meet our Team - Office Bearers 2008-2009

Our Supporters


FoodieBay is an IIT Delhi student-alumni start-up which is all about food and where you can find the best of it. Currently in NCR, FoodieBay brings a fresh idea to the Indian dotcom scene with a huge and sincere effort summing it all up. Believing in experimenting with unconventional marketing methods, the team tries to direct most of its marketing budget through useful channels so that the money is aptly used for a social cause.

~Pankhudi Foundation had tied-up with Foodiebay to generate funds for a cause of educating underprivileged children. For a period of 30 days, starting from October 27th 2008, every visit on (via Pankhudi website) generated Rs 3 to ~Pankhudi. The fund raised by this joint campaign was spent for the benefit of children through our projects.

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You can help

  Do more than belong: Participate. Do more than care: Help. Do more than believe: Practice. Do more than be fair: Be kind. Do more than dream: Work - William Arthur Ward You can Help

If you think that you can relate to our cause - then please go ahead and choose how YOU can be a part of this cause yourself.

1. YOU can join ~Pankhudi as a volunteer

CLICK here to fill a form and then submit it - we shall then get back to you as soon as we can. You can also send a mail to letting us know that you are interested in becoming a part of us and we shall get back to you.

2. YOU can keep yourself updated about ~Pankhudi's work and programmes

CLICK here to sign our PankhBook - Surabhi
CLICK here to go to our Orkut community that we encourage you to join
CLICK here to subscribe to our Yahoo! mailing list

3. YOU can open a ~Pankhudi chapter in your city

In case you are interested in opening a ~Pankhudi chapter in your city/town, do write to us at following email , we will revert back to you very soon.

4. YOU can let others know about ~Pankhudi

Do we really need to tell you how to do that? :)

5. YOU can give feedback to us.

Please do that - we would seriously appreciate any kind of feedback, be it related to this website or the work that we do. Either send your feedback as an email to or CLICK here to fill the feedback form.

6. YOU can give us financial support

CLICK here to fill up an online donation form. Please send an email to letting us know that you want to donate to us and we shall get back to you.

7. YOU can get started right away !

Joining ~Pankhudi is not that important. You can always work for a similar cause on your own. Try forming a group of people who have similar ideas as you do, have brainstorming sessions regarding what can be the possible course of action to streamline your ideas. Start out small and build it up from there. Visit places which you feel might need help, be it monetary or otherwise. Spare a few hours every week and spread knowledge among the underprivileged. For, the first time is always difficult but the experience is priceless.If there's already an NGO working close by and the focus area is strong enough to make the effort to join worthwhile, then please don't hesitate - join it. The world needs more helping hands.

Join a team of highly motivated individuals committed to the cause of a better tomorrow for the children.

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