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The recent cloudburst in Leh has created havoc on the lives of all those affected. Hundreds of lives have been lost, houses have been destroyed and people have lost everything they have. According to Mr. Anshu Gupta (Founder, Goonj) who recently visited the site - "180 recovered dead bodies, 400 missing people, hundreds of houses totally crumbled, heavy loss to crop, cattle and property is not a small loss. Many families have been wiped out completely; even the dead bodies are still under the 6- 7 ft. of mud, which suddenly entered their homes as they were sleeping. The prime concern is the upcoming winter. In winters the temperature of Leh goes down to -20 degree celcius. There is also a bigger question of food security as the affected people have lost the stocks they created to use in the 6 months of harsh winters.

To offer whatever assistance we can in their time of need, Pankhudi Foundation is doing a collection drive for the victims of the floods. We are collecting money and other items that will be needed by the victims to now and in the coming months to re-build their lives.

Material Contributions:

  • Good quality woollens and blankets (Important)
  • Tarpaulins and thick plastic sheets
  • Export surplus or Cotton cloth for making sanitary napkins
  • Cooking and water storage utensils or buckets
  • School material- toys & games, stationary, notebooks etc.
  • Lanterns, candles, matchbox, torch & batteries

Material contributions must be packed in plastic gunny bags to make storage and transport easier. All contributions will be sent to Goonj for further distribution in Leh.

Monetary Contributions:

  • Monetary contributions must be in the form of CHEQUES / DRAFTS ONLY in the name of “GOONJ”(No cash accepted).
  • All your Monetary contributions are eligible for Tax Exemption under 80G.
  • For receipts purposes, Please write the following information behind your cheques/drafts – Name, Address, Phone No. and PAN No.

Taking material to Leh is costly and difficult therefore GOONJ will be using the money we raise to buy materials from cities near Leh.

The LAST DATE for sending in your contributions is 10th SEPTEMBER 2010 .

For contributions please provide your details HERE.

Or contact one of our Sahayata representatives in your city:

City Name Contact Email
Bangalore Mr. Anuj Bhargava/
Ms. Chhavi Arora
+91 9739137485 /
+91 9740375954
Delhi Mr. Amit Garg/
Mr. Vaibhav Khandelwal
+91 9971006580 /
+91 9310121285
Hyderabad Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh/
Mr. Ramesh Kolluri
+91 9704165208/
+91 8008099898
Mumbai Mr. Abhishek Shenoy/
Mr. Aditya Karandikar
+91 9920396422 /
+91 9004991505
Pune Mr. Shrikanth Iyer/
Mr. Sachin Agrawal
+91 9730580513/
+91 9604895693
Other locations Mr. Rohan Honawade +91 9986203352

For any other queries, email us at

Visit our Facebook page:
Raahat - Collection Drive for Leh Relief

Corporate Letter:
Sahayata: Collection Drive for Leh Flood Relief

About Goonj (
Goonj is a recognized non-profit with initiatives running across 20 states in India and several awards to their credit including 'Indian NGO of the year' in 2008. They played a huge role in bringing relief to the victims of the Bihar Floods in 2008 and the Karnataka and Andhra Floods in 2009.

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